• Board of Directors
    • Executive CommitteeExecutive Director
      • Information Management Committee
        • Database Work Group
        • Decision Tools Work Group
      • Communications Committee
      • Education Committee
        • Planning & Design Subcommittee
          • Senior Advisory Panel
        • Construction Subcommittee
          • Grouting Work Group
          • Construction Practices Work Group
        • Operations and Maintenance Subcommittee
      • Membership Committee
      • Technology and Innovation Committee
        • Design Subcommittee
        • Construction Subcommittee
          • ASBI/PTI M50 Work Group
        • Maintenance and Operations Subcommittee
        • Research Subcommittee

ASBI Organizational Structure

Executive Committee


Patrick L. Malone

ASBI President
PCL Construction Services, Inc.
2000 S. Colorado Blvd.
Suite 2-500
Denver, CO 80222
United States
Phone: 303-365-6500

Elie H. Homsi

ASBI Vice President
1499 West 120th Avenue
Suite 200
Westminster, CO 80234
United States
Phone: 303-564-3426

John A. Corven

ASBI Secretary/Treasurer
Corven Engineering, Inc.
President and Chief Bridge Engineer
2882 Remington Green Circle
Tallahassee, FL 32308
United States
Phone: 850-386-6800

Steven Byars

RS&H, Inc.
Vice President
301 East Pine Street
Suite 336
Orlando, FL 32801
United States
Phone: 407-893-5874

Matthew Chynoweth

MDOT Bureau of Bridges and Structures
Chief Bridge Engineer / Bureau Director
6333 Lansing Road
Lansing, MI 48917
United States
Phone: 517-243-4302

Mike Keever

Structure Design Deputy Division Chief
1801 30th Street
Sacramento, CA 95816
United States
Phone: 916-227-8806

Mike Kiggins

Kiewit Engineering Group, Inc.
Manager of Design-Build Estimating
9780 Pyramid Court
Suite 100
Englewood, CO 80112
United States
Phone: 303-269-3100

Barton Newton

Director, Complex Bridges
2150 River Plaza Drive
Sacramento, CA 95833
United States
Phone: 916-567-2506

Guido Schwager

Schwager Davis, Inc.
198 Hillsdale Avenue
San Jose, CA 95136
United States
Phone: 408-281-9300