Strategic Planning - The Next 25 Years

Editorial by William R. “Randy” Cox, Manager, ASBI

At the 2013 Convention we celebrated ASBI’s 25th Anniversary. The event provided us with an opportunity to look back and reflect on the beginning and what we have accomplished as an organization, while spurring thoughts of what direction ASBI should take in the next quarter century.

In order to create a roadmap for the future, the ASBI Board of Directors authorized the Executive Committee to develop a strategic plan to provide organizational direction for both the short- and long-term. A Strategic Planning Committee was established, co-chaired by Linda Figg (FIGG) and Barton Newton (formerly with Caltrans), to develop a draft plan for presentation at the 2014 Convention in Hartford, Connecticut. Members of the Committee included: Ralph Salamie (Kiewit Infrastructure West Co.), Craig Finley (Finley Engineering Group, Inc.), Patrick Malone (PCL Civil Constructors, Inc.), Vijay Chandra (Parsons Brinckerhoff), Gregg Freeby (TxDOT), John Armeni (Armeni Consulting Services, Inc.), and Randy Cox (ASBI Manager). Robert Stewart, consultant with Value Management Strategies, Inc., was contracted to assist the Committee throughout the process. The Committee met twice in Austin, Texas, to develop a draft document, and oversight conference calls with the ASBI Executive Committee were held to obtain feedback on the process.

The plan’s development began with a membership survey, as well as interviews of the Strategic Planning Committee members by Rob Stewart, to gain insight on perceptions of the current organization and ideas for future enhancements. Results were analyzed to identify ASBI’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and these results were used to establish focus areas and strategic goals for the organization. Mission and vision statements were also developed to guide the organization as it moves forward, and the Committee finalized a draft plan by developing objectives and strategies, assigning each with performance measures and priorities.

The details of ASBI’s Strategic Plan will be disclosed during the opening presentation of the General Session of ASBI’s 26th Annual Convention. ASBI’s past success is due to the willingness of its members to contribute their expertise,in a collective effort, to advance concrete segmental bridge technology, and the future will offer further opportunities for our members to be involved.

I hope you will be able to attend the Convention’s General Session to hear the exciting details of ASBI’s Strategic Plan! This year’s program will offer attendees an opportunity to learn about several ongoing projects, along with developments in research, design, and materials. See you there!