You Are Invited To The Symposium

Editorial by Cliff Freyermuth, Manager, ASBI

The Steering committee for the First ASBI International Symposium: “Future Technology for Segmental Concrete Bridges” has been hard at work for more than six months dealing with the formational details essential to the development of an exceptionally appealing international symposium. As indicated by the presentation on “Featured Speakers 2008 Symposium” in the Newsletter, an outstanding group of internationally recognized engineers and contractors have agreed to participate in the Symposium program.

As I write this editorial, the Symposium program is still a work in progress. The final program will be published May 1. This morning, I received an email from John Connal, Maunsell Australia Pty. Ltd. (AECOM) agreeing to arrange for design and construction presentations on the Second Gateway Bridge now under construction in Brisbane, Australia. The Second Gateway Bridge will have a cast-in-place segmental main span of 260m (853 ft.) to match the main span of the First Gateway Bridge opened to traffic in 1986 (the First Gateway Bridge was designed by Peter Matt who will be speaking on durability and sustainability at the Symposium). Key points in the presentation on the Second Gateway Bridge will include:
• About 1km (3,280 ft.) of match cast approach spans
• Match casting of a 26m (85.28 ft.) wide section in two asymmetrical halves (see Fig. 1).
• Design for a 300 year design life target.

The phenomenal world-wide growth in the use of segmental concrete bridge construction of all types for major bridges, as well as for projects of more routine dimensions will be illustrated by the Symposium program. The program will also feature a strong emphasis on durability and sustainability (those that suggest that a concrete bridge deck will not last 100 years might consider the 300 year design life target of the Second Gateway Bridge).

In 1957, “The World Conference on Prestressed Concrete” was held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco and was attended by 1,200 delegates. As proved to the case for that Conference, we believe the 2008 First ASBI International Symposium will be a seminal event for the future of segmental concrete bridge technology. We are very hopeful that you will make plans to join us in San Francisco November 17 – 19, 2008.