Editorial by Cliff Freyermuth, Manager, ASBI

This edition of the newsletter contains a number of significant milestones marking progress on major segmental projects as well as research activities, as follows:
• The second crossing of the Panama Canal, a 1,378 ft. main span concrete cable-stayed bridge was completed in August 2004 in accordance with a very aggressive 27 month schedule. The use of four form travelers on a four-day cycle resulted in completion of about 2,200 sq. ft. cast-in-place bridge per day. The “Centennial Bridge” has the longest main span for a concrete cable-stayed bridge in the Western Hemisphere, and the third longest in the world.
• The southbound Victory Bridge in New Jersey was opened to traffic on June 8, 2004. The new bridge is 3,971 ft. long, has a 440 ft. fully match-cast main span, and has precast piers as tall as 135 ft. The bridge was constructed in just 15 months.
• The segmental ramps of the Dallas High Five Interchange with spans ranging to 300 ft. were completed on schedule at the end of July. This project featured the first use of a mobile rubber-tired segment erection device.
• The first segment was erected July 26 in the San Francisco-Oakland Skyway Bridge which features typical spans of 550 ft. and segments weighing up to 800 tons. These are the longest precast segmental spans and the heaviest precast segments used to date in the U.S.
• Construction of the largest segmental substructure project thus far in the U.S. is progressing by three joint ventures working on the new Woodrow Wilson Bridge in Washington, D.C.
• Two major South Florida airport interchange projects featuring 4.3 miles of segmental ramps will be completed in 2004.
• A segmental balanced cantilever bridge system seismic test was completed June 11 at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). There was no cracking in the segmental superstructure under the design seismic loading.

The above projects and the UCSD seismic research clearly illustrate the advantages of segmental construction for major bridges. The November 7-9 ASBI Convention at the Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay will provide a comprehensive view of current developments in segmental design and construction technology. We hope to see many of you at the Convention.