There is A Lot Going On!

Editorial by Cliff Freyermuth, Manager, ASBI

As reflected in the copy and photos in this edition of Segments, activity in the segmental bridge industry continues to grow dramatically! Two of the largest bridge projects undertaken to date in the U.S. – the San Francisco Oakland East Bay Skyway Bridge and the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Replacement are progressing well, each with applications of segmental concrete bridge construction technology that might not have been considered ten years ago. The Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge, scheduled for completion in June 2008, will incorporate the world’s fourth longest concrete arch span built in one of the most challenging and scenic locations in the world. These landmark projects are only the tip of the iceberg: the Benicia-Martinez Bridge in California may be the largest U.S. bridge constructed to date incorporating light weight aggregates; New Jersey’s first precast segmental bridge (the Victory Bridge), with a record 440 ft. match-cast span was completed in record time – the 3,975 ft. northbound structure was erected in nine months; the Seattle Sound Transit Light Rail Project represents the first use of precast segmental construction in the State of Washington with 4.2 miles of elevated guideway and the bids were 10 percent under the Engineer’s estimate; the Susquehanna River Bridge, the first significant use of precast segmental construction in Pennsylvania is now being constructed for the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission.

ASBI is working hard to keep pace with the industry. The new Construction Practices Handbook for Segmental Concrete Bridges will be the basis of seminars in Denver and Newark in August, co-sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highways Administration. The enclosed program for the 2005 ASBI convention November 6 – 8 in Washington, D.C. incorporates a world view of what is going on in the segmental industry. Come join us in the Nation’s Capitol!