ASBI Educational Opportunities

Editorial by William R. “Randy” Cox, Manager, ASBI

The ASBI Strategic Plan, adopted in 2014, identifies the need to educate the bridge community regarding the technical, social, and economic attributes of segmental bridges. The plan also recognizes the need to address succession planning to develop and ready the next generation of segmental bridge designers and contractors. ASBI currently offers several opportunities to learn about the design and construction of segmental bridges. All current ASBI educational events are recognized by the Registered Continuing Education Program for Engineers (RCEP) and the Florida Board of Professional Engineers and provide continuing education credits for attending engineers

The Grouting Certification Training course provides supervisors and inspectors of grouting operations with the training necessary to understand and successfully implement grouting specifications for post-tensioned structures, focusing on installation of durable post-tensioning. Although the training is aimed at grouting technicians, engineers involved with specifying, designing, and constructing post-tensioned structures benefit from the principles introduced during the course. As a supplement to the Grouting Certification Training, Flexible Filler Certification Training, for installation of flexible (wax) fillers, was offered in 2017 and 2018. The 1½-day course will continue to be offered to personnel directly involved with Florida DOT post-tensioned bridge projects. The Construction Practices Seminar is based on the publication, ASBI Construction Practices Handbook for Segmental Concrete Bridges (2008 second edition and coming soon - the third edition) for the purpose of providing comprehensive coverage of the state-of-the-art construction practices related to segmental concrete bridges. This course is intended for contractor personnel, but segmental designers will also gain insight into criteria that should be considered during planning and design.

The annual Convention provides attendees a networking opportunity to learn about current segmental design, construction, and operational innovations. At the conclusion of the sessions, an off-site project tour provides participants a behind-the-scenes look at an ongoing segmental construction project. Attendees are also encouraged to participate in the various committee meetings that are held prior to the opening of the Convention. Several new manuals are under development and, when published, new seminars and workshops will be scheduled. Future webinars will also be utilized to provide information regarding planning, design, construction, and operation of segmental bridges. Announcements about these events will be posted on our website and through social media.

All of us recognize the need to plan for the future by developing young, key individuals so they will be prepared as advocates of segmental construction. I would like to ask members to consider registering a few employees for the Convention who have not had an opportunity to attend previous events. Encourage them to attend a committee meeting, the program presentations and project tour, and to network with exhibitors as well as other attendees.