Cline Avenue Bridge


Construction started in July 2017 on the new 6,236-ft long Cline Avenue Bridge over the Indiana Harbor Canal in East Chicago, Indiana. The new two-lane precast, concrete segmental bridge replaces Indiana State Route 912 that was closed by INDOT in 2009 due to deteriorating conditions. This new bridge is privately funded and will re-establish the 3.5-mile link between Calumet and Michigan Avenues and remove the detours that placed increased traffic on local streets and bridges. The bridge site allows for future expansion of the facility to meet increased traffic demands with a second, parallel bridge.

The precast segmental concrete bridge has span lengths varying from 142'- 8" to 292'- 2" and a main span over the canal of 315' – 7". All spans are being erected in the balanced cantilever method of construction. The 28 cantilevers typically consist of 9'-1" deep constant depth segments, which increase to a maximum depth of 14'-1" on the longer spans. The 46'- 0" wide box girder segments typically weigh 65 tons, with the variable depth pier segments controlling the maximum weight of 90 tons. There are 685 precast segments that arebeing fabricated in a precast yard set up within the Cline Avenue Bridge property. The precast yard features three casting cells inside a building for typical segments and one casting cell for pier segments outside the building. One of the cells inside the building is convertible and can be used to cast special segments. Reinforcing cages are tied on jigs, transferred to carts and rolled into the building. Overhead cranes in the building move the pre-tied rebar cages to the casting cells. After the segments are cast they are rolled out the side of the building and moved to the storage yard with the shuttle lift.

As much as possible, segments are stored along the length of the spans to be in position for direct assembly in cantilever construction.

As much as possible, segments are stored along the length of the spans to be in position for direct assembly in cantilever construction. FIGG Bridge Builders is the Engineer Procure Construct (EPC) Contractor for the project and is self-performing the precasting through Cline Precast, LLC. Substantial completion of the new bridge is planned for January 2020.

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